Why using Bestay instead of traditional home-sharing platforms?

Bestay is a decentralized home-sharing platform with the goal of bringing both customers and hosts a more economical and convenient way than ever. To get this, we have taken advantage of advanced technologies including blockchain, IoT and data information security systems.

Benefits of Bestay

With our technology, Bestay offers users a lot of advantages compared to traditional home-sharing platforms.

First, Bestay is able to empower users by allowing the community to adjust itself transparently. This is the platform that Bestay uses from Blockchain technology.

The second advantage is that the cost is greatly saved when using this booking form. Simultaneous cost savings for both customers and hosts is possible because Bestay will maintain a low commission, eliminating transaction fees for financial institutions.

Thanks to the application of Blockchain technology, the security features are extremely advanced and the system and data cannot be changed. In addition, thanks to these archives, it is easy to verify and arbitrate in case of disputes between parties.

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What does Bestay bring to hosts and customers?

With the desire to bring convenience and savings to users, Bestay have to bring benefits to both hosts and customers.

For hosts, Bestay is willing to support and provide room photography services, community building, repairing or emergency assistance. In addition, regular support services such as moving house, washing clothes, changing bedsheets are always available.

Similarly, customers using the Bestay platform will also be supported with services such as transportation, local food and indigenous guides. In addition, short-term native cultural courses, event plans, cross-cultural experiences are also a bad choice.

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For more information, please visit us at: https://bestay.io/

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