Top Spanish football club will offer Crypto Fan Tokens

Atlético de Madrid, a Spanish football team, has teamed up with Chiliz, a sports blockchain, to create Fan Tokens – a platform that will give fans special access to team’s merchandise, information, and experiences.

The Atlético de Madrid team own its Fan Tokens

According to a source, this team has ranked 4th in the Club Coefficents rankings of UEFA 2019. The team will also join other teams like Juventus and West Ham United on the fan platform.

The Atlético de Madrid Fan Token will be priced at €2 and will be available exclusively through in Autumn 2019. 

Fan tokens can also be hunted for free through the augmented reality location feature of the Token Hunt app, the creator said.

Fans will also be able to receive merchandise using tokens and exchange tokens to each other by the app.

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Atlético de Madrid is not the first team to have cryptocurrencies

Atlético de Madrid is just one of the many football clubs that took to the blockchain in the past two years. 

Top French league team, Paris Saint-Germain, issued its own cryptocurrency on Socios in 2018 and the platform plans on adding many more clubs to its roster.

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“Our ambition is to build the world’s biggest global football community and marketplace for football fans alongside demonstrating that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the trusted technology of the mainstream,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO and founder last year.

The platform avoids many of the complexities of cryptocurrency trading and instead acts as more of a fan support system that happens to use fan coins. Users can earn more tokens by taking polls on the app and gain prestige as they rise in the rankings of superfans.

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