The German Party will pay for those who remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Germany’s Liberal Democratic Party vowed to pay for anyone who removes carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Get paid to fight climate change

According to a report by the local news organization Welt on September 2, the Democratic Party of Germany realized that if the world wants to slow global warming, we need to recover the emitted greenhouse gases. .

Marco Buschmann, the first parliamentary director of the German Liberal Democratic Party congress group, said the project initially sounded technically complex, but actually quite simple.

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He explained:

“Anyone who pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere will get paid. In this way, we want to reward active climate protection and promote creativity and innovation.”

Arbil can be priced at around $30

The party in the German parliament has proposed the creation of a new digital currency called Arbil, along with the motto: “Bringing CO2 into the digital chain”.

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Arbil will receive its value through a guarantee in exchange for Arbil money for a emissions certificate. One Arbil coin will correspond to the certified value for one ton of carbon dioxide, currently worth about $30.

When reading backwards, Arbil – based on Arbor, the Latin word for tree – spells Libra, the name of the Facebook cryptocurrency.

In May, the United Nations signed a memorandum of understanding with the non-profit W Foundation to promote global climate action projects, including rewarding people who take climate action with digital currency.

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