Technical overview of Bestay platform


Our community will be able to access the list and go through their entire booking experience from website, Android or iOS phones. The user experience will be similar to other high quality applications on the market, except our back-end will be provided by the blockchain. In-app notifications will be received directly without a third party.


We will use a network of computers that form a platform to build decentralized applications of any kind through the implementation of a constant set of rules (smart contracts). These contracts will be automatically created and used to manage the agreements between:

  • Bestay & Host → Rental list (price, location, amenities, records)
  • Guest & Host → Accommodation (dates, reviews, guest profiles, general information).
  • Host & External providers → Clean, take photos, share cars, deliver food, tour guides and more.
  • The immutability of blockchain allows us not to trust a focused third party for our services.
Smart key Bestay

Smart key Bestay

All smart contracts are deployed on the Ethereum network and are fully compatible with ERC-20 standards. However, Bestay plans to build BeChain after the prototyping phase to improve the user experience and handle the weaknesses of Ethereum.


To maximize efficiency, we will add an extra layer, where all transaction fee information (image, description, date) will be stored securely in Amazon Web Service – AWS S3. To maintain integrity, this information will be stored on the blockchain.


We will integrate external service providers such as email, payment and SMS gateways. A centralized server will be established by Bestay to track blockchain activity on the network and then report it to these providers. It will be the bridge between the decentralized and focused model that we currently live in.

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