Smart Key – Bestay’s special strength

Bestay is an ideal home-sharing platform applied advanced technologies. One of the important aspects of our design is that IoT devices are part of the blockchain. Therefore, it can not be hacked.

In fact, we will use the hashes blockchain into the device core, that way even if there is malware that changes the device structure, the owner will be notified about it.

A typical workflow using our systems while highlighting our strengths is as follows:

1/ Host

A smart lock is integrated into Bestay booking application, and is linked to a list. Therefore, whenever there is a booking confirmation form guest, the pin to access the list will be created and sent to the customer at the suitable time, under a smart contract.

If a guest need to confirm a stay extension or cancel a reservation, the payment will be processed according to the smart contract  with out the host’s intervention. The actions can be done quickly and exactly.

When the guests check out, according to the smart contract, necessary cleaning service will be allocated and activated. At that time, another temporary pin will be sent to the cleaner to access the list.

bestay-service (2)

In case of the dispute of the theft of stay on reservation, the host can always get access records about who and when to access the list. This information will be usefull for resolving disputes.
With four advantage above, Bestay bring the host new experience with convenient and easy.  These advantage certainly helps them to save time in managing everyday. A lot of works can be cut down such as: check in, check out, payment, clean, repair,… Now they even can remote manage their room, hotel, aparment,…

2/ Guest

Normally, when after booking a room, you have to check-in and receive physical keys when you get there. However, with Bestay, guests no longer have to wait for physical keys to be exchanged during check-in and payment. Instead of this, our guests use smart key. This enhances the user experience.

The smart key is actually a code which no one have except guests. They use it to get into the room, in some case, share the key with friends or relatives during their stay. When a guest check out, the code is out of date, then the next guest will recerve a different one.

In addition, guest can quickly identify fake key list, or were  used immediately, and lock NB-IoT (Narrowband Interet of Things) will ensure that the generated key code is unique.

bestay-service (3)

Differ form other bookings platform, Bestay hope to brings our guests awesome experience. Saving more time, feeling more comfortable and ready to enjoy trips with our app.

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