Samsung launched a crypto-friendly version of the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung first revealed a cryptocurrency-friendly smartphone in March this year called the S10, which comes with digital wallets that support cryptocurrencies like ether (ETH) and ERC20 token based on ethereum.

Recently, many sources released that the Galaxy Note 10 phone of the giant Samsung will own a new version with the electronic wallet pre-installed in the bid.

According to the Wall Street news, this product is a version of the new product, launched on the market called KlaytnPhone.

samsung-x-kakao (2) 

The name of this handset is named after a blockchain network, which is developed by messaging giant Kakao with the purpose of increasing the adoption of blockchain.

Last week, the KlaytnPhone smartphone was launched and sold in South Korea with the same hardware specifications as the original.

samsung-x-kakao (3)

A special feature here is that KlaytnPhone is bundled with blockchain applications and electronic wallets. Compared to other phones, only KlaytnPhone can support comprehensive transactions on Kakao’s Klaytn network.

Besides, KlaytnPhone buyers will also receive a certain amount of Klaytrypt of the Klaytn cryptocurrency.

KlaytnPhone is a major step of Samsung in its efforts to promote adoption of cryptocurrencies. According to the report, Samsung joined Ground X to launch a version created by Korean messaging giant Kakao to develop the Klaytn network.

samsung-x-kakao (4)

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