Useful information about IoT and Bestay smart lock

Bestay (BSY) is a rental hotel and apartment platform by hours, days or weeks. This is a decentralized-house sharing platform that takes advantage of advanced technologies from blockchain, IoT and information, data security systems. Therefore, we hope to bring an effective and automated solution that helps tenants save money and homeowners receive more.

IoT application into Bestay smart lock

Internet of Things (IoT) is a world where all things, every person have ability to connect and exchange information, data without direct interaction between people and objects.

IoT is a script developed from the combination of wireless tools, microelectromechanical technology and the Internet. This scenario is gradually performing around the world with the development of smart TVs, smart houses and smart refrigerators.

NarrowBand-IoT technology is currently developing at an amazing speed in most countries. This technology helps to connect devices directly and more efficiently on mobile networks.

3 outstanding advantages of this technology:

  • Very low power consumption.
  • Easy deployment.
  • Security & reliability of network architecture and low cost.

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About Bestay smart lock

Apply this idea about NB-IoT technology, Bestay brings smart lock that is configured and customized for our ecosystem. One of outstanding advantages of the Bestay key is that IoT sufferers are part of the blockchain and cannot be hacked.

With a mobile application or web control panel, the server can manage properties remotely and conveniently. This smart lock also automatically schedules payment for homeowners, makes payments, automatically confirms the stay and extends the stay.

In addition, this form also helps tenants to be more comfortable, reduce risks and save time.

Bestay’s smart lock supported by NB-IoT is the first smart device proposed for using in asset management space. Hope this product will bring excellent performance and help improving the user experience.

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