Following Samsung, LG plans to launch the next Blockchain smartphone

Considered to be the closest domestic rival to Samsung, in the near future LG would also launch blockchain smartphones as a response to Samsung’s newly launched Samsung Galaxy Samsung Note 10.

LG and blockchain technology platform

Tech giant LG is known as a pioneer group supporting and discovering many advancements in blockchain-related business. The company has launched its own Monachain blockchain platform.

Currently, they are working with major bank KB on a token of some form – thought by many to be a cryptocurrency or a stablecoin.

LG-vs-Samsung (4)

The ambitious company also plans to work with farmers and schools on a blockchain-powered school lunches project.

Moreover, LG filed a patent in the United States for a smartphone cryptocurrency wallet earlier this year, and is a member of Ground X’s Klaytn governance council.

LG in the blockchain race with Samsung

Although LG has not made an official announcement, sources from some industry insiders in South Korea revealed: LG may be planning to set up and launch its own blockchain smartphone as a response to the newly launched Klaytn Phone of Samsung.

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The source also said that LG will soon reveal its blockchain phone because as soon as Samsung released the blockchain wallet earlier this year, LG met a number of decentralized application dapps (decentralized application) developers about the possibility of future cooperation.

While some may argue that LG’s effort is in response to Samsung, there are still many who believe that LG is deciding to pursue a new direction for its smartphones.

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