Comparison: Bestay and other home-sharing platforms

Beside created a tokens distribution plan, a detailed project roadmap, Bestay have also had a very thorough research on analyzing competitors. There are some new player such as Wimdu, 9flats, Roomorama, Travelmob, FlipKey, Tujia, OneFineStay and KOZAZA, appeared in 2008. However, Bestay find out our main competitors are Airbnb and BeeNest.

Airbnb – a global influent platform

Airbnb dominates the market due to its economic scale and network effect that uniquely results in industrial factors in a market that requires an international visitor network to expand. Therefore, it is difficult for other players to compete with Airbnb’s existing platform structure. 

Currently, Airbnb platform has up to 5 million rooms globally and an average of 3 million customers use their service every night. Airbnb’s market and influence also expanded globally. Besides their strong team, technology and brand, they also have a significant community and a loyal customer base.

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On the other hand, Airbnb also faces certain difficulties such as being controlled by governments in some countries, difficult to change business models and to adapt to Blockchain technology.

BeeNest – leader of decentralized home-sharing

Blockchain technology and token economics can break this industry with new rules of the game. Therefore, future home-sharing platforms tend to apply these technology. And BeeNest is one of them.

Their team consists of people from giant IT companies like Uber, Google and Facebook and advisers including Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Besides, they have $15M ICO finished (30%), instantly done, $50M hardcap and be leader of decentralized home sharing with successful ICO. 

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However, it shows a very different approach in that BeeNest focuses too much on technology besides blockchain and provides complete home-sharing services from the start. However, blockchain technology is at an early stage of business deployment and will be applied to functional options. 

Bestay – a breakthrough in home-sharing platforms

Bestay is building a real home platform with new concepts based on commission free, incentive system, community ownership and a reliable transparent system. We have targeted the current Airbnb market monopoly that controls 4.5 million assets in 81,000 cities. Six years of domain expertise gives Bestay a strong competitive advantage.

By 2020, Bestay expects to own a large home and room network with 3500 homeowners, 7500 rooms and 20,000 customer accounts after the IEO process in March 2020.

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Our platform is primarily focused on the Vietnamese market, where an estimated 5 million tourists have a demand for vacation.

Besides our strengths, Bestay needs to reinforce of team: blockchain engineers & business development overcome the local focus to expand global. In addition, we need to massive marketing to make the reference in early stage.

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