The Celsius Network has generated $ 2.2 billion of Crypto loans in 12 months

According to a press release released on August 1, crypto Celsius Network lending & borrowing platform has had $ 300 million deposited for lending in 12 months and generated more than $ 2 billion in loans. crytpo loan

The fastest growing loan platform
Since July 2018, when Celsius began lending operations, it has created a loan worth more than $ 2.2 billion and surpassed $ 300 million in customer deposits and collateral from loan amount. In total, Celsius has completed more than 160,000 crypto lending transactions and a $ 3 million profit.

As the company further explains, their customers can earn interest by transferring coins to Celsius Wallet and borrowing US dollars against their mortgage coin. The release also revealed:

Celsius paid more with BTC and ETH than anyone else. We return up to 80% of revenue for depositors, compared to Binance 20% profit and Nexo divides 30% dividend.

As reported in September last year, Celsius became the manager of the Sustainable Development Impact Fund (SDG Impact Fund) in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative. In a partnership with Fifth Element, the Celsius Network is said to have sought to empower people by providing banking services often reserved for top property owners.