Bookings industry and how to operate the current bookings

Renting a room or a house for a trip is always an essential need for each group and each individual. Therefore, recently, the demand and platforms to share houses are developing rapidly and strongly.

Current bookings industry

These home-sharing platforms provide a new type of business, where all complex intermediaries are dismantled and the opportunity for guests to be directly connected to the host is created.

With this approach, hosts can take advantage of their indoor spaces to rent, save the space and furniture. In addition, there is no need to spend too much investment on building, managing and preserving furniture.

Besides, guests who use home-sharing can also save more than renting a hotel room, with full home appliances like home.

These intermediate home-sharing platforms are usually very cheap, so guests can save money while the hosts get more.

A current problem which the booking industry facing is the appearance of many similar platforms. Because of that, each platform has to pay a large amount of money for sales and marketing to increase its value. 

Therefore, the commission cost must be increase to pay for these funds, the booking process will be no longer a saving.

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What is the difference in Bestay?

Take advantage of advanced technologies such as decentralized computing, IoT, blockchain and security of information and data systems, providing a cost-effective and cost-effective solution.

Because of this difference, Bestay can confidently provide a product of the same quality at a much more competitive price. These products still meet strict requirements such as: KYP (Know Your Product), KYC (Know Your Customer) before being able to participate in Bestay’s platform.

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