Bestay application ver 1.0.0 will launch in October
Bestay is a fast and modern home-sharing application. In the first phase, the project focuses on hotels and apartments for short-term rentals, meeting the needs …
Anna Sep 30, 2019
Token Parameters and Token Release Schedule
Token of Bestay (BSY) is a utility notification token, operating as a currency in our platform. BSY will be used to make a stay payment, …
Stella Jul 29, 2019
Things to know about Bestay platform and token BSY
The industry of booking and home-sharing is one of the hot spots, receiving a lot of investment in the last decade. This trend comes from …
Stella Jul 29, 2019


Useful information about IoT and Bestay smart lock
Bestay (BSY) is a rental hotel and apartment platform by hours, days or weeks. This is a decentralized-house sharing platform that takes advantage of advanced …
Anna Aug 09, 2019
Technical overview of Bestay platform
Our community will be able to access the list and go through their entire booking experience from website, Android or iOS phones. ...
Stella Aug 02, 2019


Smart Key - Bestay's special strength
Bestay is an ideal home-sharing platform applied advanced technologies. One of the important aspects of our design is that IoT devices are part of the …
Anna Sep 16, 2019
Comparison: Bestay and other home-sharing platforms
Beside created a tokens distribution plan, a detailed project roadmap, Bestay have also had a very thorough research on analyzing competitors. There are some new …
Anna Aug 19, 2019
Why using Bestay instead of traditional home-sharing platforms?
Bestay is a decentralized home-sharing platform with the goal of bringing both customers and hosts a more economical and convenient way than ever. To get …
Anna Aug 12, 2019